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December 2021

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Samantha H. Glow 27/Feb/2021

I really like the customer support here. From the live chat to the hotline and even to the support e mail i must say has been really good for me. given my experience i don't know why any one will wanna complain about this from Hottie Sex Dolls. Keep it Up!. I received the male sex doll i order with the sex toys too and having me some good fun. Thanks

Jaden Nash 21/Feb/2021

A great store , with top quality sex dolls, great personnels and great services. Thats all inhave to say to you hotties. keep selling great qualities sex dolls to me and my money is yours. Simple as that am simple like that. Peace!

Britney D.C 14/Feb/2021

I really like your cosplay dolls . especially the onces from WM Doll . They are one of the heavy weights of sex doll production companies. I got one for my self ( one dressed like an egyptian princess) and she was really cool looking and her skin feels so nice. I and my boy friend and experimenting in our sex life so i decided to add sex dolls to the experience. Its really been great so far. Thanks hottie sex dolls.

Walter B. Simpson 07/Feb/2021

I got scammed trying to buy a sex doll on valentine's day for my friend. it was just a terrible experience but i decide i will make him happen and must get one. Then i found hottie sex dolls on facebook then just decided to give you guys a try . But i was happy this time i got a true sex doll seller. The doll got delivered and am really happy.

Joe Maroon 01/Feb/2021

Even if you have great and top quality sex dolls, if you delivery service ain't great then you not good providers. But Hottie Sex Dolls has such a great discreet shipping and delivery proccess and that for me is a winner. Kudos! guys, you have great delivery service too

Casandra B 28/Jan/2021

I have male who is really into sex doll( ofcourse female ones ) and has been a very good friend for years now . So i decided to get him a black female sex doll this month and he really liked the doll. So thanks Hottie Sex Doll for that black cutie.

Elena J 22/Jan/2021

I just found out i had a doll here name after me and she is really gorgeous too haha. so i decided to buy it and give it to boyfriend on his birthday so he can have two me at same time during sex when ever we both around lol. yea yea crazy both we good like that!

Bryan Juicy 15/Jan/2021

Is it just me? or does evry one seem to be loving the Big Breast Woman Dolls (BBW) here LOL. Yo seriously!. My friend who introduce my to your site got one of the bbw name kelly since then doesn't want to leave his house . i mean he even got to of that same type of sex doll and only order for her hair style be changed and eye color. Great work stealing my friend Hottie Sex Dolls. By i just received my very bbw girl name Jaine too. Thanks

John W. Snow 08/Jan/2021

Having a great experience and time with bbw Emilia doll from YL. i might order that same type of doll again lol. she really is hot and feels nice. hottie sex dolls is my place to be

Mathew S. 03/Jan/2021

What stands the most for me about your site is the unique design i was i attracted to, then i saw how great the dolls are especially the japanese dolls. i love them!!!!